The bakery itself started in Liz’s kitchen at home. In June 2016 Liz opened her home up for the first time and invited a few neighbours to sample Real Bread, traditionally made! Word spread and over the coming weeks there was a queue of regulars down the hall waiting for their Saturday goods!

In January 2018 it was time to move into premises, which Liz had mixed feelings about, loving the cottage industry that had developed, but the house was not full and there was not room to expand!

Liz is is a third generation baker, her Mum and Grandad made all their own bread, but she is the only one who has decided to try and earn her crust from it! Liz has always enjoyed creating in the kitchen and has a wealth of knowledge of baking and ingredients from baking all of her life with her family and for her children, She is what’s classed as an old fashioned baker with old fashioned values particularly where ingredients and methods are concerned.

To begin with Liz made all her bread by hand, but once it got to about 80 loaves a day, she decided to invest in a planetary mixer, reducing the working time significantly!

Liz learnt the art of making real bread; first, by taking classes from the School of Artisan Food and reading lots of great books most of her favourite ones are by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou, who delivered the training to Liz. It was tricky at first, and the learning curve was steep, but practise makes perfect (well most days!)

When we moved to Knaresborough Road, the bakery employed a baker from Bettys called Joanne, who was has 17 years’ experience in bread making with one of our Yorkshire treasures! Jo and Liz love talking recipes and teaching each other the tricks they have learnt!


“We stopped by the Secret Bakery today for the first time, and will certainly be making further visits! The goats cheese and caramelised onion bread was gorgeous, and the warm sausage rolls and rockie road didn’t even make it until lunchtime – they were crying out to be eaten, so we obliged!” Jill Bryant